About Us

Parachute Service Centre Singapore’s core trade in parachutes is attributed to the strength of our experts in the field possessing decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of parachutes as well as skydiving.

With this in hand, it has given us the opportunity and ability to supply, repair, train, and maintain the standard and quality of parachutes be it military or commercial. As such, we carry a host of skydiving related equipment to pair with our core trade.

Our specialty is in conducting full technical and tactical testing programs, military free fall parachutes, tandem parachutes, cargo bundle parachutes, static line parachutes, rapid release rucksack parachute equipment, navigation system solutions, and consultancy services.

We also deal in a wide variety of other security products that meets the needs of our clients around the region and throughout the world. Our service to our clients is through supplying them with a product that we are representing, sourcing a product that they require, or, manufacturing a product to suit their needs.