PSCS Products

Below are just some of our innovative products that we have manufactured for our clients

A22 Cargo Bag

The A22 Cargo Bag, with or without its canvas cover, can externally transport standard palletised loads, loose cargo, ammunition, oil drums, and other general items whose total weight falls under 2,200 lbs.

Rescue Foldable Stretcher

This Foldable stretcher has been outfitted with 4 additional shoulder straps. The purpose of these straps are to help alleviate the stress on the hand and arms by shifting the weight to the shoulders. More importantly, the straps free up the users' hands for any other operational needs while still having the injured securely strapped to their shoulders.

This simple, yet crucial add-on allows for more situational maneuverability, potentially saving more lives and further preventing mishaps.

Tactical Rappelling Rope Bag

Made using 1000D Cordura Nylon, the rope bag possesses an anchor at the bottom which also doubles up as a secure point for the rope stored inside it.

The bag can also be attached to the waist or leg to be utilised as a "hasty drop bag". Able to contain up to 40m (120ft) of rope, it is also able to be thrown over the side for any rappelling needs. (Rope not included).

Sniper Rifle Bag

A customised sniper rifle bag made for skydiving jumps which also comes with a quick release system.