Skydiving Equipment

Tactical Parachute Delivery Systems (TPDS) Products

TPDS manufactures a range of parachute products that range from Static line, LLT, HLT, Drop bags, as well as Cargo parachutes.

Their attention to detail, innovation, and comfort in design has made them a leading brand in the industry, earning rave reviews from end-users and being highly recommended by professionals for their quality and reliability.


The MC1-1C steerable parachute assembly designed by the United States Army in 1988 from the basic MC1-1B canopy. It is used primarily for a premeditated jump when precision soft landing in a small target area is necessary.

Parabolic shape, 35ft diameter, low porosity vipstop.

Parachutist Navigation Board

The Parachutist Navigation Board is a user weight navigation platform that indicates DPS position (when used with DPS device) and direction of travel during HAHO/HALO operations

GPADS - Guided Precision Aerial Delivery System

The GPS Cargo system has the ability to operate automatically, remotely, or in a mixed mode, delivering essential equipment or rations to the frontline with expert precision.

A must-have for any agency that are actively involved in conflict or humanitarian situations.

Wings Sports Containers

Well known for their comfort, durability, and quality, Wings offers a variety of models and colours to suit your every need and desire. Wings systems has also gone through, and passed the stringent FAA TSO-C23d certification process, giving you a piece of mind that your rig has been thoroughly tested and approved.

Their usage of top quality fabrics, tested and approved hardware, as well as innovative mechanisms and brought together by a sleek overall design, Wings has positioned themselves at the forefront of the industry through their relentless drive to be the best.