Maintenance of parachute systems

As our experts are FAA Master Rigger certified, we are thus able to officially make alterations, reparations, and carry out maintenance works on parachute systems.

Harness reparation and construction

Similar to what we can do for parachute systems, we have the tools and knowledge to construct and repair safety harnesses whether it's for construction, deep sea diving, or rock climbing.

Skydiving Courses

We are also able to conduct skydiving related courses such as:

  1. Military HALO/HAHO
  2. Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)
  3. Tandem
  4. Canopy Control
  5. Aerial Delivery Training
  6. Senior and Master Rigger Courses
  7. Maintenance and servicing programs for parachute systems


Our ability to manufacture products based on our clients' needs came about through our close contact with a variety of fabrics as well as our skill and knowledge with the machinery and equipment required from the maintenance of parachutes. We are able to manufacture gear bags, stretchers, harnesses, to name just a few.

We work very closely with our clients to meet their needs in order to achieve a high satisfaction level from our customers. This ensures that our clients get what they want and are happy with the end result of the product. We have listed some of our own manufactured equipment in the products section

Product Sourcing

Another aspect of our business is working closely with our friends around the world to source for a wide range of products that our clients require. This can range from military related bullet proof vests, technological gadgets, vehicular components, aircraft parts, to a wide range of other unrelated military products.