Tactical Equipment

PSCS is exclusively certified by TPDS to conduct the following operation :
Maintenance, Service & Repair, Rigging and Product Related Training

Invasion II Main Parachutes

The Invasion II comes in two sizes of 35 and 42 feet in diameter for both the steerable and non-steerable versions, and featuring a venting and anti-inversion netting to optimise the rate of descent as well as minimise oscillation. Made with 28 gores and block construction, it also uses low porosity and high UV resistant rip-stop nylon fabric.

This new age, high tech design provides safety and precision, delivering fully equiped airborne soldiers to their target accurately. Limited to use in winds not exceeding 35knots at altitude and 16 knots at surface.

TPDS Personal Parachute Rapid Release Drop Bag (RRDB 800s)

The versatile RRDB is able to carry a wide range of equipment and comes with a single point release system, allowing for a fast, clean jettisoning of the bag should the need arise

HLT and LLT Main Parachutes

The Heavy Load Tactical Main Parachute and the Light Load Tactical Main Parachute are moderately tapered, nine cell elliptical main parachutes. Made using a 1.1 oz. ripstop nylon and zero-porosity, generally referred to as a hybrid parachute.

The LLT is able to carry loads from 109kg to 202kg, and the HLT is capable of carrying loads from 201kg to 293kg. These systems are designed such that optimal performance and accuracy remain a constant regardless of how much weight the parachute is carrying.

G12 Cargo Parachute

The TPDS G12 Cargo Parachute Container System was developed with a competitive edge for the industry as well as against opposing troops. Easily handled for just one person, it weighs in at just 1/3 the weight of other models of Cargo Parachutes as well as having just 1/3 the packing volume.

Most importantly, this 64 feet parabolic canopy capable of carrying 1135kgs has a fully loaded descent rate of 7.9m/s, making it an ideal choice for any military unit in the world.